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Industry-specific translations and interpreting

We offer you highly professional specialist translations and interpreting services for numerous sectors. Here is a brief overview of our specialist fields:


Authorities, institutions under public law, lawyers, notaries, tax advisors, auditors, financial advisors, police and customs authorities, ...

Industry and technology

Mechanical engineering, metal industry, clothing industry, chemical industry, recycling, waste-handling industry, real estate industry, automobile industry, animal feed industry, pharmaceutical companies, environmental engineering, industrial technology and sanitary engineering, solar technology, heating and ventilation technology, vehicle body construction, food industry, textile industry, electrical engineering, materials-handling technology, software and software technology, ...


Hospitals, doctors, experts, psychologists, occupational health services, laboratories, veterinarians, ...

Private indiviuals

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, wills and testaments, death certificates, certifications, affidavits, powers of attorney, judgments, certificates, diplomas, medical certificates, scientific papers, general correspondence, ...

Business and service sector

Retirements homes, employment agencies, architects, car dealers, banks, building contractors, building companies, funeral homes, breweries, printers, power companies, driving schools, forestry, tourism, gastronomy, house management, hotels, real estate companies, engineering offices, experts, schools, social services, forwarders, telecommunication companies, fiduciary and asset management, insurance companies, advertising agencies, ...

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